Artists of the Mendocino Coast
Volume 2

Artists of the Mendocino Coast, Volume 2

Artists of the Mendocino Coast, Volume 2 showcases another fifty-six incredible artists through their portraits, biographies, artistic statements, and samples of their art. The wealth of talent in this unique area is a treasure to behold.

DREAMS flourish on the Mendocino Coast. Portrait photographer Larry Wagner dreamt of sharing the dreams of artists who live in this paradise. With camera and a warmth of personality, Wagner captures the essence of his subjects and gives recognition to their work. If anyone at the present time can be credited with being a mentor to the art community, it is artist Larry Wagner.

During the past two years he has photographed 135 outstanding artists on the Mendocino Coast and brought the artist community together through art events, exhibitions, and his two books, Artists of the Mendocino Coast, Volume One and now, Volume Two.

Artists work in solitude. Tucked away in studios or out in the field they paint, sculpt, weave, sew, chisel, photograph or explore other forms like ceramics, jewelry or glass work. Even at gallery events, artists might not know one another. Now there is a catalyst for them to meet, to laugh together, to exchange ideas and support dreams.

In an interview, he describes his experience: “Doing Volume One was probably the most fun I have ever had on a project. It was a thrill meeting the artists and bringing them together as a community. All the reinforcement and fulfillment convinced me that this was a good idea. I was struck by how many excellent artists we have and felt a strong desire to capture as many as I could for posterity so we would have a record of their talent. That led to Volume Two.”

“In creating the portraits and pages, artists range from knowing exactly what they want to putting themselves at my mercy. Some artists quickly choose the art pieces that best illustrate their work. Others agonize over artwork choice for months. Some artists are expansive in presenting their biographies or artistic statements (in spite of my requested 150 word limit) while others are succinct. What is wonderful is that in the end we walk away satisfied with the quality of the pages.”

Larry Wagner hopes Volume Two continues to enhance the success of our artistic community on the magical Mendocino Coast.

Marilyn Schoefer Wagner · November, 2008

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